Health & Safety
& Well-being

We provide top quality, highly skilled labour
resources on projects within the civils, rail and
tunnelling industries.

Committed to Safety


As a labour only supplier and an integral part of the supply chain, the safety of our employees and those they work with as well as the safety of the work environment in which they work is a key factor in everything we do.

We have always embraced a consultative and collaborative style of working with all of our clients. We believe this helps us to understand the needs and complexities involved in the health and well being of our employees, leading to the continual improvement in the safety and quality of the projects we have been involved in.

Communication is at the heart of what we do from the leadership style we adopt and the behaviour of our internal back office, to the way we support, encourage and actively monitor our site employees on the ground.

We enhance this approach through regular contact with our on-site Contract Managers.

We encourage the use of various tools, such as, engagement tours, site feedback forums and formal appraisal systems. These assist in the clear communication of expectations and responsibilities and actively encourage all personnel to challenge unsafe situations.

All of this data is fed into our comprehensive reporting structure that drives improvement in performance and efficiency. We also encourage our senior employees to host safety briefings and tool box talks which help to ensure that everyone is given a voice and an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.

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Our culture of openness and communication empowers our employees to identify and stop any task or process and to speak up if they see anything that effects their Health, Safety and Well being.

Our team of supporting staff comprise entirely of experienced industry experts who are there to consult and engage at all levels and at all stages of the entire project journey. We have found that both clients and candidates benefit from our hands on approach.

We believe this strategy successfully fosters collaboration and promotes effective teamwork whilst improving overall morale.

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